I usually wake up at 6 and go out for a walk in a nearby garden. My walking duration remains the same, the garden remains the same, the three lovely dogs in the garden remain the same but somehow each day as I walk through the concrete path surrounded by the lush green trees there is something different. Sometimes,a little something that occupies me for the rest of the day and the other times a little something that I forget as I move out of the garden.

 I see people wearing those flashy neon headphones/earphones, a few marathon runners running bare foot and in shorts even in the coldest days, old people doing the laughing exercise and discussing everything from politics to soap operas. The busy ones who check their phones every 5 minutes, the super fit ones with a fitness band on their hands, these people never get tired. Then there are kids playing football and shouting the hell out as they play, they often get into a tiff with the old people. There are also the locals in their traditional costume speaking their language, damn these people are loud and I just hope I could understand what they’re saying. Many people are regular and there are some who come only in the weekends and others who I have never seen before. There are others between the bushes in their comfortable hide doing yoga and meditation, an organisation of people running an NGO or some community discussing their commitments. Most of the people walk/jog anticlockwise, some move clockwise and some like me, trying both ways randomly. I am trying to a find a difference each day but only the surroundings change and it’s somehow better to see things from both sides. Some of you might think I’m some old fashioned crap when I say this- I can’t move with my earphones on. I don’t know if it happens with anyone of you but I just wish to be free when I jog or walk it’s just a lot more uncomfortable with the wires moving with you with each step you take. I’ve a good speed by the way, I mean I have won so many races but the problem is only stamina. I’m definitely never running marathon, I mean I can’t. And maybe that’s all I wanted to write about out of the thousands stories I see everyday. 


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