‘On the first day of your school, you cried so much that the neighborhood came to check. And the second day? The smile on your face said it all.’

I don’t think I remember any of this happening but my mother has said the same lines so many times that I’ve created the incident in my mind and it is almost like I remember it. When my mother starts talking about my childhood it feels she is talking about some other child. The incidents are always new and the stories unheard of. Have I really been in the story she is talking about?

She tells me about the places I’ve been to, the people I’ve met and the incidents I’ve been a part of and I look at her with a blank face. No matter how hard you push yourself to recall the happenings-you just cannot. It’s all forgotten. Making the last effort to find the deleted memory in my brain, I ask-‘When did this happen?‘ She begins with -‘Don’t you remember?‘ and goes on to describe in a detail that forces you to exist in an incident you don’t remember about, compels you to believe in a happening you weren’t aware of a moment ago and makes you meet people you had not met in your conscious memory. And that is how I’ve built my childhood memory – limited to the words of my mother.

It has now become as real as it really was.


4 thoughts on “FORGOTTEN REALITY

  1. I guess you are having false memories which is pretty common. I find it incredible that our imagination can trick us into thinking we’ve done something we’ve never really done and lead us to create such compelling, illusory memories. But then, False memories are the sign of a healthy brain.”They are a by-product of a memory system that works well”. You can make inferences very fast. 🙂

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    • Hi Neal,
      I completely agree with you. I think it is pretty normal for people to create memories on their own when they crave to reach a place they have been to before. And like you said, this might be a sign of a healthy brain!


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