#1 The Night and the Light

Winters had finally come. The cold nights bit like fire and the winds held the power of engulfing a living soul. It was certainly unfit to go out in the late hours as Ayan usually would to admire the eternity of the star laden sky. But what could end his obsession?

Ayan put on the warmest overcoat he had, turned off all the lights and went out in the dark street. The warmest overcoat did little help as the icy winds seeped right through his clothing and cut his body like a blade. He tried to ignore it and started walking in the street in front of his residence crossing it each time he took a turn. Most houses in that lane were empty and in the others, people usually slept early. So the street was devoid of any light except of the pale moon shining high up in the sky beside the million stars holding the gaze of their one true lover.

Ayan reached his house for the thirteenth time and decided to call it a day. He noticed that the lights of his bedroom were on. How could I not have noticed it earlier, he thought to himself. Ah yes! These stars are responsible! He entered his house enjoying his loud footsteps against the stark silence and hanged his coat in the hook beside the entrance door. Sluggishly, he climbed the stairs to his bedroom and changed into his night clothes. He turned of the lights and slid under the soft blanket.

Ayan dozed off into a deep sleep.

And the lights were on again.



I will be sharing my stories on different themes, from fantasy to adventure to horror. This is something I’ve wanted to do from a long time and I think this is a wonderful place for it. I welcome an honest feedback-suggestions, appreciation and criticism. Also, you could give me simple words and themes you want me to write about. For example the above story could come under ‘horror’ or ‘lights’ or ‘stars’. Thank you. 




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